Krampus the Yule Lord

Krampusnacht is an old German/Austrian Christmas tradition. Krampus is the Yule Lord, or Christmas Devil. The good children get a visit from Saint Nikolaus on Christmas Eve.

The bad children get a visit from Krampus and will get coal in their stockings, or get stolen away by the evil beast.

Krampus is a large, hairy, demon like character with cloven hooves and long horns. He is often wearing a reed basket on his back to put all the bad boys and girls. He is rattling his rusty chains and clanging his bells to let you know he is coming.

Krampusnacht is traditionally celebrated on the 5th of December annually. The men from the village don the costumes of Krampus and Saint Nikolaus. They are often accompanied by black and white angel characters and sometimes “Pertchta”. Their walk is called the “Krampuslauf”.

Krampusnacht Edmonton strives to bring this European tradition back to Canada. We were established in 2012. 2013 will be our second year. We would love to make Edmonton’s Krampusnacht as big as some of the European cities. Since Edmonton is wanting to be a “Winter City”, we feel that Krampus would fit right in to future plans.

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